Get Organized with This Cherry Bookstand


Several years ago I made a simple cherry book rack for a television series I was shooting for the DIY network. This was one that I never finished, but had stowed away in a storage tub. I decided it was certainly worth finishing and giving to my son Blake, who is still in school.

Since cherry is a hardwood with a subtle grain, I only used #180-grit sandpaper, as anything coarse would leave swirling scratch marks in the wood.

My all-time favorite finish for cherry is a penetrating oil, such as Minwax® Wipe-On Poly, that I rub into the wood.

As you can see, the Wipe On Poly brings out the grain of the cherry, while giving it that hand-rubbed appearance we love to see.

It only took two coats to protect the wood and leave a satin sheen, making this a perfect desktop book rack for anyone you know. This one measures 11″ high by 8″ deep by 13″ wide, but you can make yours whatever size fits your space – and can draw the curve in whatever manner you like.

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