An Indoor Birdhouse


My wife Leigh Ann loves her birds: those at one of her outdoor feeders as well as the carved variety she displays around our house. So, what could be better to add to her collection than something I spotted at our local garden center the other day?

This cedar birdhouse was meant to be hung outdoors, but I had an idea.

I grabbed my lightweight palm sander and a piece of #150-grit sandpaper to smooth out the raw, rough cedar.

I then used a single pre-moistened Minwax® Wood Finishing Cloth, a water-based mixture of both stain and finish on a cloth, to easily apply color (“Natural Oak”) and protection in just a couple of minutes.

As I completed each side, I took a clean cloth and wiped off any excess stain and finish, wiping in the direction of the grain of the wood.

And now the birdhouse is on display inside our house, a perfect compliment to Leigh Ann’s collection of birds.


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