Monthly Archives: December 2013

Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

Leigh Ann and I had family and friends over for Thanksgiving. It was fun, but now we’re getting ready for the next round, and we need to clean up our act. Cooking oils, grease, and dust add up to some dirty kitchen cabinets. The good news is that as bad as they may look, you can improve the appearance of your cabinets very easily — and just in the nick of time. If you’re interested, read on!
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Reviving an Antique Wardrobe

It isn’t often that a truck pulls into your driveway with an antique walnut wardrobe strapped to its back, so this certainly got my attention. My assistant Alex is moving, so she “rescued” it from her parents’ house (hoping they won’t want it back when she’s done restoring it). Want to see how she did? Just keep on reading!
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