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Don’t Sand It, Revive It !

Years ago, when I ran a floor refinishing business in Iowa City, we didn’t have very many options. You simply used a floor until the finish was worn out, then you sanded and refinished it. My wife Leigh Ann’s veterinary clinic floor, however, was neither worn out nor in great condition, which left her uncertain what to do.

Today, I explained to her, we have options, starting with cleaning a dirty floor using Minwax® Hardwood Floor Cleaner, for many times what looks to be wear is simply a layer of ground-in dirt.

But the parade of animals passing through her examination room did more than just leave it dirty. They wore down the finish. But even when cleaning isn’t enough, we have another option: Minwax® Hardwood Floor Reviver. This is a quick and easy way to add a layer of clear protection over your existing polyurethane finish. Just squirt it on a 3′ x 3′ section….

Then use a damp painter’s pad to spread the Hardwood Floor Reviver across the floor. Do not spread it too thin! Work in the direction of the wood’s grain, using a back-and-forth motion, then complete it by smoothing out any pad marks, again always going with the grain.

Hardwood Floor Reviver leaves a permanent protective coating on your floor, which will help renew the floor’s beauty and shine. You can reapply it as needed (usually every 3-6 months) to keep your floors looking as beautiful as the ones in her exam room do now.

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“Which Floor Is Yours?”

Everyone knows that hardwood floors add value to any home, but how much value depends on their condition. Before jumping into any floor project, it’s always a good idea to determine exactly how your floor rates — and what you can do to improve it.

Example #1 – This floor is still in great shape, but it’s also where Jasper laid down after taking a dip in the creek. It doesn’t need anything but a quick cleaning, and all I use is Minwax® Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which is safe for the finish and won’t leave behind a soapy film.

Example #2 – If your floor has some real scratches and not just dirt, then I’d recommend Minwax® Hardwood Floor Reviver — a water-based, clear protective finish that can add three to six months more life to your polyurethane floor finish.

Example #3 – Sometimes your floor finish may be completely worn out: deep scratches, missing or flaking finish, or dark water stains. When that happens, its time for a total refinishing: sanding it down to bare wood, then an optional coat of stain to accent the grain, and two or three coats of a clear, durable finish designed specifically for floors.

If you prefer an oil-based clear finish, then I recommend Minwax® Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane For Floors. In addition to improved drying times, it does not have to be constantly stirred. If it’s re-coated within 12 hours, it does not have to be sanded between coats.

But if you prefer a crystal clear, water-based finish for your freshly sanded floor, then consider using Minwax® Ultimate Floor Finish. It dries fast, has very little odor, cleanup requires just soap and water, and it, too, does not require sanding between coats.

For complete instructions on any of these floor products, be sure to check them out at

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Bruce’s Recipes For Holiday Disasters

Okay, so it’s been a stressful few weeks for everyone (including Daisy), what with family and friends coming and going, guests staying overnight, furniture getting moved around, pets becoming over-anxious, and our homes generally getting pushed to — and sometimes over — the limit. Here, then, are a couple of quick solutions to disasters you and your home may have just encountered.

We’ve all done it:  Left a candle burning too long, only to discover a puddle of warm wax atop our cherished table or sideboard. What to do?

Freeze it! Wiping will only force the melted wax deeper into the wood, so hold an ice cube against it for a few moments, then pop it off using a plastic spatula or even a credit card.

Your pet never leaps on the table, right? At least not until the holidays become too stressful. Short of a messy refinishing, what can you do?

Reach for one of my favorites:  Minwax® Wood Finish™ Stain Markers. Each one contains real Minwax stain delivered by a felt tip, making touch-ups quick and easy.

Who would have thought your nephew would have confused your kitchen cabinet door with a swing set?

To reset a torn out screw, put a drop of glue and a sliver of wood (or some toothpicks) into the hole, let dry overnight, trim off, then reinsert the screw.

Your guests may have missed your doormat, but they didn’t miss your hardwood stairs. Muddy shoes soon become dry footprints. What should you use to clean them?

Nothing harsh, slippery, or soapy! Just squirt on a little Minwax® Hardwood Floor Cleaner and wipe off the dirt without harming the finish.

So, someone tried to pour their drink in your poinsettia, but missed — and now you have a hazy white mark to contend with?

First, do nothing:  no polish, no wax, no furniture cream. The water trapped in the finish may evaporate on its own in a week or so. If not, you can then buff it out with Minwax® Wipe-On Poly and #0000 steel wool. Take your time, be very gentle, and afterwards apply the Wipe-On Poly to the entire top to give it an even sheen when it dries.

Got a disaster I didn’t mention?

Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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Reviving Our Oak Landing

Our home is a 1972 split-level house with an oak staircase and landing. Regardless whether you enter through the upper front door or the lower level door, you have to walk across this landing. And with two rescued dogs – Jasper and Daisy – coming and going as well, it wasn’t long before the finish on our oak landing was looking pretty worn. If you would like to follow along as I revive this worn out finish, you can read more about it here.
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