Backstage at “Creative Living”


One of the things I enjoy doing the most for Minwax is appearing on television shows, such as “Creative Living,” and passing along some of the wood finishing tips I have learned along the way. Before the cameras start rolling, however, a lot happens backstage, beginning with the arrival of several boxes of props from my workshop.

Since we were scheduled to film four segments in one morning, I arrived the previous afternoon and began unpacking my boxes and arranging my props. As you can see, it first looked like chaos.

The crew provided me with a long table to set up each of my segments, including this one on ways to prepare and protect your home and your furniture before guests arrive.

The set we were filming on was designed to look like a combination kitchen and dining room, where I would stage my props before we began taping each segment.

Cheryl Borden, the host of “Creative Living,” is always a delight to work with, and makes sure that we have fun as we demonstrate different wood staining and finishing techniques.

And then it ends just as it began:  with several boxes to be re-packed and shipped back to my workshop!

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