From Wine Rack To A Wine Serving Table


I picked up this inexpensive tile-top wine rack recently, with a couple of ideas of how I could turn it into something very special with just a few simple modifications.

I had the option of either buying an unfinished wooden top from a home improvement store, or gluing together and belt-sanding strips of wood leftover from some of my other projects.

Either way, the final sanding with #180-grit sandpaper is made faster and easier with an electric palm sander — but you can always sand it by hand, too!

Using some wood scraps, I glued together these strips of L-shaped wood, then cut them into eight 4″ pieces. See where I’m headed?

When nailed and glued onto the underside of my new top, the L-shape pieces form wine glass holders . . . .

That looked like this when turned over and placed on the base. But I wasn’t done quite yet . . . .

For a natural and clear protective finish, I rubbed on two coats of Minwax® Wipe-On Poly, which really brings out the beauty of the wood and makes the grain “pop!”

Notice the bottom board I also added? It serves as both a shelf and as a removable cutting board, finished with natural, safe mineral oil. Now, instead of just an ordinary wine rack, Leigh Ann and I have a custom wine-and-cheese serving table!

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