Wax Prevents Rust!


While we generally think of applying a quality paste wax over wood — such as a stained piece of furniture or even one finished with a chalk paint — wax can also be applied over metal, such as this iron band on the inside of my Arts and Crafts antique wastebasket. As you can see, small spots of rust were beginning to form where the original coating had worn off.

I reached for my favorite antique finish:  Minwax® Paste Finishing Wax. Using an old athletic sock as an applicator, I rubbed a coat of dark Paste Finishing Wax over the iron bands on the inside, and over the antique shellac finish on the outside, giving it more protection, too.

After waiting about five minutes for the wax to begin to harden, I then took a clean, soft cloth and buffed up a hand-rubbed, satin finish, knowing the Paste Finishing Wax would adhere to the metal bands and rivets as well as to the wood.

My Arts and Crafts wastebasket is now back in my office, safely protected on the inside from rust as well as on the outside.

Until next time,

Don’t forget about wax – a time-honored finish.