Our Kitchen Makeover: Part 2


When we left off last week, our kitchen was just barely functional while we awaited the arrival of our granite counter-tops. I could survive a long time without a dishwasher, but not a sink! Take a look below to see how our makeover turned out.

If you have never shopped for granite counter-tops, brace yourself:  the selection can be overwhelming. It took us three trips back to the “yard” to finally make a decision.

While Leigh Ann picked out the style of sink she wanted, I wandered into the shop where the craftsmen shape the edges and cut out the openings for the sink and faucet. Every precision cut is carefully planned, and the blades are cooled by a steady stream of water to prevent overheating.

When our granite countertops were ready, we again cleaned out the kitchen and stepped back so the crew could complete their installation.

Next came the new stainless steel appliances, and the room was starting to feel like a real kitchen again.

An easy way for us to save on labor costs was for Leigh Ann and I to tackle the unfinished pine framework for the new windows and door ourselves. We applied Minwax® Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner first to reduce blotching, then used Minwax® Wood Finish™ “Cherry” to match the existing cherry cabinets, finishing it off with two coats of Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane. (Quick Tip: the blue painter’s tape will keep the stain and finish from adhering to the glass.)

Choosing a tile back-splash proved as challenging as picking out our granite countertops, but we elected to go with a light blue subway tile to compliment the reddish cherry cabinets, and to blend with the existing blue ceramic floor.

Leigh Ann had been saving this pair of loon tiles for the back-splash above the stove, knowing the blue around the loons would match the subway tiles and the green lily pads would add a dash of fresh color.

Finally, the last of the workers left and the kitchen was complete!

And in the end we got what we needed and wanted: more storage space and more counter-tops, plus a new door and window looking out onto our back yard. And by being willing to save the existing cherry cabinets and ceramic tile floor, we also saved ourselves several thousand dollars.

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