A Handy Stepstool


Leigh Ann insists I’m never around when she needs to get something that I’ve put away in the top of the tallest cabinet or shelf in our house, so I thought this sturdy stepstool might keep me out of trouble.

The flat surfaces of the bench made it a good candidate for Minwax® PolyShades®, a combination of stain and polyurethane in one can. The key to applying PolyShades® is to use a quality, natural bristle brush — no foam brushes!!!!!

See the difference between the upper half and the lower half of the top of my bench? On the upper half I have used long, continuous strokes with just the tips of my bristle brush to smooth out the PolyShades®. The lower half stills shows the uneven brush marks that need to be straightened out using this technique called “tipping off.”

And since PolyShades® contains both stain and finish, one step was all I needed to complete my project — and hopefully keep me out of trouble.

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