A Simple DIY Firewood Rack


After a prolonged winter, one of our firewood piles was beginning to look just a little unsightly, so I decided it was time to spruce it up a little bit by building a simple wood rack.

Using just four inexpensive 2″x 4″ boards, I quickly cut the boards to length (54″ long, 14″ deep, 30″ high – but you can make it whatever fits your space) and started putting them together.

I used both an exterior wood glue and deck screws to assemble the wood rack.

I protected the wood with Minwax® Helmsman® Teak Oil, starting with the bottom of the feet where water can easily be absorbed by raw wood.

The clear Teak Oil brings out the natural beauty of the wood. I brushed on a liberal coat, let it soak in for 5-10 minutes, then applied a second coat, and after 15 minutes wiped off any Teak Oil the wood had not absorbed, and let it dry overnight.

Now that my firewood is off the deck and onto my new wood rack, all that remains is for me to split some more firewood to fill it. (And my 2″x 4″ scraps will make good kindling!)

Until next time,

Measure twice, saw once.