New Wax and Old Socks


Leigh Ann and I are antiques collectors, but we also live with our collection, which means our antique dining room table occasionally needs some extra protection — without looking over-refinished and brand new.

When that time comes, I reach for Minwax® Paste Finishing Wax, available in “Natural” for light-colored woods and in “Dark” for stained pieces, such as our dining room table. I applied the wax with a heavy-duty paper towel, then let it harden, which only took about five minutes.

I then reach for my favorite buffing tool:  a soft, often-washed, worn-out cotton sock. I slip it over my hand like a mitten, then begin buffing the wax in the direction of the grain of the wood. When the cotton fibers fill up with extra wax, I simply rotate the sock for a fresh, clean surface.

What I love about a hand-rubbed Paste Finishing Wax finish is that the results are not dramatic. Antiques don’t like drama. They like a natural, protective finish that preserves their sometimes worn appearance while at the same time giving them more protection so that we can use them in our busy lives.

Until next time,

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