Create a Special Clock for Any Young Athlete


1. Raw

When I spotted this unfinished panel and frame in my local craft store, I had an idea for combining them into a clock. I started by drilling a small hole in the center of the panel for the clock shaft, then gave the wood a light sanding.

2. GrayFor me, two separate pieces means two different colors. I stained the square panel with Minwax® Wood Finish™ in “Classic Gray,” wiping off the excess stain to allow the grain to show with just a light gray tint.

3. Blue

I then used Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain in “Navy Blue” to stain the frame.

4. Poly

After the stain dried, I protected the wood with a few coats of Minwax® Polycrylic™ Protective Finish.  Once completely dried, I then attached the “Navy Blue” frame to the “Classic Gray” panel with glue and finish nails.

5. NUmbers

Rather than use traditional numbers, I pressed on self-adhesive baseball decals, then slipped the clock hands over the shaft.

6. Hero

Not only did I have fun being creative with my clock design, I also now have a unique gift to give to a young athlete I know.

Be sure to check out Minwax’s new “Made With Love. Finished With Minwax.” campaign currently going on. The theme is ‘Find. Finish. Love.,’ celebrating the thrill of finding real wood pieces – sometimes in the least expected places – and the joy of making them into something we love.

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