Re-purposing an Antique Mailbox


When my son Eric showed an interest in an old post office mailbox we spotted in a Salt Lake City antiques shop, I remembered that I had an old mailbox door stuck away in my workshop. With his birthday just days away, I quickly went to work on it.

Using just one oak board, I cut out the pieces for my box, using the antique mailbox door to determine the measurements.

Since I generally work alone in my garage, I rely on an assortment of clamps to help in the assembly of my projects, such as gluing together Eric’s post office box.

Time was a critical factor in this birthday project, so I reached for a fast drying clear finish — Minwax® Clear Aerosol Lacquer. It instantly brought out the natural beauty of the oak, provided the wood with all the protection it would need, and dried quickly.

As planned, the mailbox door slipped snugly into place, where I secured it with just two small wood screws on the inside of the oak box. But in case you are wondering . . . .

This oak box is also designed for Eric to use as a small storage space for letters, keys, or maybe money for the pizza delivery guy!

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Measure twice, saw once!

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