A Small Storage Box


Not every project has to be a big project. Last week I needed a small storage box that had to be a specific size to fit my available space. Rather than spend hours searching stores for a plastic bin, I quickly cut some half-inch birch plywood I had on hand and nailed together this simple box.

After a quick, light sanding and wiping off the dust, I reached for a can of Minwax® Clear Brushing Lacquer, which I knew would dry very quickly, and would give my storage box all of the protection it would need.

I love how the clear Lacquer brings out the grain and natural color of the wood! After the first coat dried, I sanded it lightly with #220-grit sandpaper and brushed on a final coat.

I added this old copper pull I had in my workshop to complete my storage box, which looks better than a plastic tub and certainly will last years longer!

Until next time,

Measure twice, saw once!