Taking a Challenge


I love a challenge, such as what could I make from this small pile of antique, salvaged pieces of oak?

My wife Leigh Ann reminded me that we needed a small Arts and Crafts end table, so I started by cutting out four legs, and the stretchers between the legs, plus gluing pieces for the top — all simple, straight cuts.

Next came some sanding, and gluing the legs and stretchers ….

And the easiest part of all:  using the new Minwax® Wood Finishing Cloths (“Chestnut”) to apply both water-based stain and finish on the same pre-moistened cloth.

There are eight of the pre-moistened cloths inside each re-sealable package of Wood Finishing Cloths, and I only needed three to complete my small end table. After applying the stain and finish, I used a clean rag to remove any excess, and to erase the swirl marks you can see on the lower shelf.

A few hours later the table was dry — and already inside our family room, ready for Leigh Ann to decorate.

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