Not Every Project Has To Be a Big Project !


“We need new steak knives,” Leigh Ann announced to me last week. I couldn’t recall having any problem with them the last time I cooked steaks on the grill, so had to ask why. “Because they look terrible,” is what she said. And I had to agree, as the finish had started to wear away unevenly. Loving a fresh challenge (and an easy one), I decided to refinish the rosewood handles. Read on and learn how I conquered this challenge and see if this could help you, too.

I started with just a light sanding with #180-grit sandpaper to quickly remove what was left of the old finish.

Not wanting a new finish that might soon peel, I opted for Minwax® Wipe-On Poly, which is like a traditional tung oil fortified with polyurethane to make it even stronger. Like its name implies, I simply poured it into a shallow bowl and rubbed a liberal coat of the oil into the wood.

Next I grabbed a fresh paper towel, wiped off any unabsorbed oil, and set them aside to dry for 2-3 hours. Quick Tip: A piece of styrofoam or cardboard box provides an easy way to let the handles dry without touching anything.

Looking better already!

That’s all it took. Nothing for Leigh Ann to be ashamed of now!

And speaking of Leigh Ann, remember this project of hers from last summer, when she stained a wine box with the Water Based Stain “Fruit Punch”?

Well, fast-forward to a year later and here is how it looks today: overflowing with a fresh crop of lettuce. She wanted the stain and the box to age gracefully outdoors, which they are. Leigh Ann’s tip: move the box indoors during the winter months and bad storms, shield it from too much sun, and spray it when its empty with aerosol Polycrylic® as it starts to weather.

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