A Not So Lazy Susan


A few weeks ago I turned a weary and battered three-drawer nightstand into a handy rolling stain-and-finish cart, loaded with my brushes, rags, stirring sticks, openers, and gloves.

Yesterday, while going through some drawers in my workshop, I came across the mechanism for a turning Lazy Susan that was leftover from a television project. Rather than let it go to waste any longer, I had an idea.

I attached it first to the bottom of a circular table top I had once built but never used (sense a pattern here?) because an unsightly crack developed down the middle.

After giving it an extra coat of  Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane for protection, I then attached it to the top of my rolling cart, making it possible for me to spin it to bring something from the back to the front. Or I can spin it while spraying or brushing a stain or finish on a small project, making it easier to get to all sides. Two unused items = one useful project.

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