Another Storage Solution


I have been hauling around these two, old, rusty file boxes full of research material for years, in part because I could never find a new metal file cabinet the correct size. Then it dawned on me: building one would be simpler — and far less expensive.

To make the document boxes lighter and easier to handle, I decided to build four smaller boxes, taking my measurements from the rusty metal boxes, but using half-inch hardwood plywood that was easy to cut, glue and nail together.

Just a quick sanding opened up the pores and smoothed the edges in preparation for giving the bland wood some needed color and protection.

The open pores and corners attract sanding dust, but a soft bristle attachment on my vacuum solves that problem quickly and efficiently.

To make my job even easier, I opted for the combination stain-and-finish in the pre-moistened Minwax® Wood Finishing Cloths, choosing “Maple” as the color for these boxes. Since the stain and finish are water-based, they dry quickly. And cleanup was a snap, as I needed just one Wood Finishing Cloth and one paper towel to wipe off the unabsorbed liquid on each box.

I added some inexpensive pulls, plus hinges for the lift-up lids, and now my research documents can be stored in four wooden boxes that look nice enough to be displayed in my office.

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