Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors


For years, anyone wanting to refinish their floors had no choice other than to use a standard, oil-based polyurethane finish, the same you would use on your furniture. Now, however, Minwax® makes an oil-based finish designed specifically for floors, called Super Fast-Drying Polyurethane for Floors.

For best results, sand off any existing finish to open the pores of the wood. I typically do my final sanding on a floor using #120-grit sandpaper on a regular belt sander to remove any scratches left by the upright floor sander.

I then use a bristle attachment on my shop vacuum to remove the dust between the boards. To be safe, I also do a final wipe down with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

One time I actually only used a four-inch natural bristle brush to finish an entire living room and dining room floor. But either a lambs-wool or synthetic pad applicator on a long pole will speed up the process and save wear and tear on your knees and back!

In addition to drying faster than standard polyurethane finishes, Polyurethane For Floors does not have to be sanded between coats, provided you apply next coat less than twelve hours later. (Note: picture was taken in decreasing light!)

Even though it does dry quickly, keep in mind that every finish needs time to “cure” and harden. To be safe, I wait 72 hours before moving the furniture back into the room (but you can walk in stocking feet after 12-18 hours). Drying and curing times are increased in high humidity, so always be cautious before using your freshly-finished floor.

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