A Landing Rescue



We had friends over for dinner the other night, and while no one said anything about our worn oak landing, I could imagine the conversation on the way home: “I wonder why Bruce hasn’t done anything about their landing?”



Guilt can be an even stronger motivator than a deadline, so the next day I grabbed a mop, a bottle of Minwax® Hardwood Floor Cleaner and went to work. In just a few minutes, I had cleaned the floor and was ready to apply a fresh coat of clear finish.



I could have used Minwax® Hardwood Floor Reviver, but our landing gets so much use (and abuse) that I chose something even stronger: Minwax® Ultimate Floor Finish.



After a light sanding and vacuuming up the dust, I brushed on an even coat of this strong, clear, water-based finish. Had I been doing an entire room, I probably would have opted for a wide painter’s pad mounted on the end of a four-foot pole, just to make it easier on my back!



And in less time than I would have spent explaining why my landing looked so bad, I was able to transform an unsightly first impression into a positive lasting impression.

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Until next time,

“If you wait until you have enough time, it will never get done.”