Make Your Own Touch-Up Kit


It never seems to fail. Turn the page on the calendar and there they are: the holidays. Parties, relatives, friends, guests. And not enough time to take on a major refinishing project. What to do? Pull together a simple, easy Touch-Up Kit, then just walk around your house and take care of all those little problems before anyone arrives. Want to see how? Just keep on reading.

First, start with a plastic caddy that won’t scratch your furniture, and that will hold everything you need to spruce up your house.

Next, add just a few basic tools for tightening hardware and loose screws, plus a notepad for lists of anything you need.

Soft, clean rags are essential, either heavy-duty paper towels or my favorite:  worn out athletic socks. Gloves are always a good idea!

Woodwork and furniture always get dirty, so wipe away the grimy build-up with Minwax® Wood Cabinet Cleaner.

Nicks and scratches, such as this one on a guest bathroom drawer, disappear with a single swipe with one of the Minwax® Stain Markers, so keep some different shades in your kit.

Small nail holes in your woodwork are easy to disguise with either pre-tinted Minwax® Wood Putty or Blend-Fil Pencils.

If you find the old finish is starting to wear out, strengthen it with a coat of Minwax® Wipe-On Poly — as easy to apply as it’s name sounds. (Recognize the sock?)

And for regular dusting, I grab from my kit one of the reliable Formby’s® products, such as the Almond Lustre® spray.

Now that your kit is complete, here’s the rule:  What goes in, stays in. That way your touch-up kit is always ready on a minute’s notice.

Until next time,

Get your holidays off to a great start!


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