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I spent much of this week getting ready for a television segment in San Diego called “Upgrading Your New Furniture,” and wanted to share this before-and-after photo. On the left is an unfinished small, pine dresser drawer. On the right is the matching drawer finished in Minwax® “Classic Black” PolyShades® (a one-step stain-and-finish) and some inexpensive hardware …..

I used four chrome L-brackets that cost less than fifty cents each, along with a matching pull to replace the boring wooden knob. This makeover is a big change for just a little of my change!

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Bruce Johnson

2 comments on “From Cheap to Chic

  1. Valerie Dixon

    My husband is trying to refinish an old cabinet. We believe it is cherry. He sanded the cabinet well, and stained it with a light colored stain. When he applied the poly, and came back t o it later, a large white spot appeared on most of the top. There was an old water stain on the top before we sanded it but it had pretty much disappeared after we sanded. What happened, and how do we fix it?

    1. Bruce Johnson Post author

      While it is difficult to know without seeing a picture, Valerie, in most instances white spots or haziness are caused by the finish absorbing moisture from high humidity in the air rather than coming up from the wood. However, if the white spot is identical in size to the damaged area your husband had sanded, then it could be caused by whatever was still in the pores of the wood. But if the white spot does not line up with the first damage area, then I’m back to my theory that the humidity must have been high when he was brushing on the finish. Sometimes this will disappear on its own as the humidity in the room goes down in the heating season, but may not happen. In that case, I would sand off the haziness, make sure the humidity in the room is less than 50% and the temperature is between 65 and 80 degrees and apply a new coat of finish. Quick tip: thin coats are always best especially when there is the potential of a problem like this. Good luck!

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