Refreshing a Forgotten Table


Several years ago I used this round end table to demonstrate two Minwax® products: Water Based Wood Stain in Classic Gray and Polycrylic® Protective Finish. For some unknown reason, when I returned home, the table was placed in storage, where it soon became dirty and started falling apart.

Feeling guilty, I put the table on my workbench and started by cleaning off the dirt, grime, and cobwebs using  Minwax® Wood Cabinet Cleaner, which I knew would not harm the stain or the finish I had applied.

I then turned over the top, for I knew from experience that most wobbly tables do not need to be clamped and reglued. Instead, they just need the screws underneath that hold the legs in place tightened.

While I had originally applied two coats of the brush-on version of Minwax® Polycrylic® Protective Finish, I also knew that another light coat using the aerosol can would both give it more protection and bring the earlier finish back to life.

And as soon as it dried, I brought the little round table back into the house, where it will be far more appreciated than it had been in storage!

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