Three Organization Tips for Your Garage


We all need a place to work on our projects, and most often that is our garage. But if you are a “saver” like me (occasionally called a “hoarder’), sometimes we can’t find room for even a small project — let alone a car — as Leigh Ann has often reminded me. I finally solved the problem in our garage, and so would like to pass along a few tips for you to consider.

Tip #1 – Separate “storage items” from “active projects.” For this I used a number of inexpensive plastic storage tubs. I then set aside one section of the garage for storage and put items in the tubs, where they could be stacked, yet quickly accessed.

Tip #2 – Use pegboards and salvaged kitchen cabinets to organize your tools. Pegboards help keep the tools from cluttering up your workbench, and used, inexpensive kitchen cabinets from thrift stores and salvage yards are a great way to get things off the floor and onto the wall.

Tip #3 – Put your workbenches on wheels. And I didn’t stop at just workbenches. I even put my woodworking tools, including my band saw and table saw, on wheels. Now rather than having any of them sitting permanently in the center of the garage, I wheel them into one section when not in use, and wheel them out only as needed.

The result:  a garage that can actually hold Leigh Ann’s car and my truck at night, and yet can serve as an efficient workshop whenever I need to work on a project during the day.

Until next time,

Remember:  Happy wife, happy life.