Easy D-I-Y Holiday Gifts


The new Minwax® Wood Finishing Cloths are a great way to stain and finish several small projects in just a few minutes time — and this month a few minutes may be all the time we have to spare. The Wood Finishing Cloths come in five wood tone colors: Maple, Natural Oak, Chestnut, Dark Mahogany, and Walnut. They may be new to you, so click below to take a look at how easy these cloths are to use.

I stopped by my favorite craft store yesterday and picked up some inexpensive, unfinished items that will make perfect holiday gifts:  a hat rack, some candlesticks, a few picture frames, and a stationary box with a small drawer for stamps.

Even though the wood may look ready, a light sanding with #180-grit sandpaper will soften any sharp edges, erase small nicks and scratches, and open the pores to accept the stain more readily.

No opener needed for the Wood Finishing Cloths! Simply slip on the provided gloves, peel back the front cover,

 and lift out the first of eight cloths containing both stain and finish. Then reseal the cover and you’re ready to start.

I selected “Maple” for this project, and the Wood Finishing Cloth is perfect for getting around the pegs on the hat rack.

The next step is just as easy:  using a clean, soft cloth, simply wipe off the excess stain that the wood does not absorb.

And since both the stain and finish are water based, you don’t have any fumes, and you don’t have to wait overnight for your project to dry. One hour is generally all that is necessary. And you don’t have any brushes to clean!

Quick Tip:  If you want an even deeper color and sheen, simply apply another coat.

And who says a hat rack can only be used for hats????????

Never too late to try something new — especially if it saves us time — and makes us smile!

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5 comments on “Easy D-I-Y Holiday Gifts

  1. Katie

    We love the new Minwax® Wood Finishing Cloths!!! They are so easy to use. Love your gift ideas for the holidays!

  2. Pete Green

    we have piano that has sun damage that we need to refinish…we want to do it ourselves.
    The wood has become brittle so I think we need to sand it obviously before we use
    these wipes….What is the best way to sand it; what grade of steel wool? is that better than
    sand paper and what grade of either?


    1. Bruce Johnson Post author

      A piano is quite an undertaking, Pete, but if you tackle it one section at a time, it is a worthwhile project. I would not use steel wool. I would use a medium-grit of sandpaper, either wrapped around a sanding block or a lightweight palm sander to remove the old finish. Make sure you’re down to bare wood before you move on to the staining and finishing steps. Good luck!

  3. Jacque @theDIYvillage

    I can’t wait to try these out for myself. I have had great success with Minwax Gel Stain and the Wood Finishing Cloths look just as easy to use! No fumes means I can work on projects in the house while the baby naps!
    I was excited to hear you will be at SNAP again this year! I look forward to seeing you again.

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