Make Your Own Magnetic Knife Rack


I love browsing through my local craft supply stores, where I picked up this unfinished pine plaque, along with some small magnets, for an idea a friend had eliven to me.

I measured out some equally spaced holes, then drilled down to the depth of the magnets, using a drill bit the same diameter as the magnets. (Tip:  if you want to avoid drilling, you can attach the magnets with glue.)

Since the pine lacked color, I decided to stain it using a new Minwax® Gel Stain color – “Coffee”, as it would help disguise the dark magnets while still allowing the grain to show. You can stain the wood either before or after drilling the holes.

After a coat of aerosol Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane had completely dried and cured, my magnetic knife rack was ready to mount on the wall in our kitchen. As you can see, the larger knives cover the magnets completely.

As another option, I took this old, worn cutting board, no longer suitable for kitchen use, and did the same thing to it, drilling the holes and inserting the magnets, making a unique knife rack for you or someone you need a special gift for.

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