Monthly Archives: June 2014

Fish In a Bottle?

I am married to a very crafty lady, and I say that in a positive note. When I came home from an antique shop with this old, hand-carved fish corkscrew, I could see the wheels start to turning….

First Leigh Ann pulled out an empty wine bottle (hmmmmmm…..), then she filled it
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Custom Mixing Stains

Not long ago a friend made me some unfinished oak picture frames, which I carefully set aside in my garage work area until I had time to stain and finish them the exact color I wanted. I planned to display three of them over an antique Arts and Crafts china cabinet in my
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A Woodworking Tip

Last year I built this small rustic table for our lake house and put a bird’s eye maple top on it. I wanted to find an easy and decorative way to attach the top to the four leg posts, so I drilled a 3/4 inch hole down through the top and into each leg. Next I cut a length of dowel
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