Monthly Archives: November 2014

Texas Memories

My wife Leigh Ann grew up in Texas, where she spent weekends riding her horse on her grandfather’s cattle ranch. Somewhere along the way she picked up this handcrafted, wooden longhorn steer, which I spotted today on the floor in our horse barn. All it took was a quick cleaning with
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A Yard Sale Bargain

If there is one thing I have trouble passing up, it’s a yard sale sign. As my grandmother taught me, there’s a bargain in every sale. You just have to spot it.

One thing I look for are projects someone started, but never finished, like this handmade oak shelf. Maybe it was a school
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From Cheap to Chic

I spent much of this week getting ready for a television segment in San Diego called “Upgrading Your New Furniture,” and wanted to share this before-and-after photo. On the left is an unfinished small, pine dresser drawer. On the right is the matching drawer finished in Minwax® “Classic
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