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Easy Furniture Upgrades


Even thought they grew up in a house full of antiques, my sons have both furnished their first apartments with help from Ikea — which might not be such a bad idea, given their lifestyles! They also picked up some unfinished furniture bargains, which prompted their father to pass
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Add Some Architectural Trim!

If you’re ever going to be remodeling a room or building a house and want to add some classic interior window trim that is missing in so many modern homes, consider the nearly forgotten “bulls-eye rosette.” This is an easy and inexpensive way to replicate the charm of early 20th century
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A Unique Hat Rack

Nearly twenty years ago I designed and built a small cabin on Lake Lure, and had a great time building (with some help!) and furnishing it, including making this hat rack using a hundred year old piece of fir lumber and some porcelain knobs ….

Here’s a close-up shot of one of
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