Monthly Archives: January 2017

Create a Stain Dipped Stool

As you may have discovered, furniture in storage does not fare well. I had used this stool for a staining demonstration on a television show I did last year, but afterwards it ended up in my storage room. Before long it had creeping mildew, not to mention, a colony of spiders living
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Reduce Clutter with an Old Drawer and Mason Jars


I have to admit, even I was stumped over what I could possibly do with this old, small oak drawer that had long since been separated from its dresser, and was now taking up valuable space under Leigh Ann’s workbench.

But then I spotted a box of vintage Mason jars at a thrift shop
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Get Organized with This Cherry Bookstand

Several years ago I made a simple cherry book rack for a television series I was shooting for the DIY network. This was one that I never finished, but had stowed away in a storage tub. I decided it was certainly worth finishing and giving to my son Blake, who is still in school.
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How to Create a Simple Base for an Unusual Piece

When I saw this unusual piece of Southwestern pottery, I knew it would look great in my son Eric’s apartment in Salt Lake City. But as you can see, it has a small base, which made it easy to tip over.

The base had a hole in the bottom, so I devised a way that I could mount the pottery
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