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Tips For Selling Unwanted Furniture

Any time of year is a good time to get organized, starting with getting rid of furniture you no longer need. But rather than putting it out on the curb, why not turn your trash into cash? Whether it be on Craigslist, in your local paper, or at a yard sale, getting the most for your old furniture will give you more money to spend on things you need. Interested in seeing how? Then read on . . . .

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Fast Furniture Fix !

Years ago we used to “Strip First, Ask Questions Later.” Fortunately, today we take the wiser approach of “Less is More.” Instead of stripping an old finish, we try to make each project look better and last longer — like this chair I rescued. Along the way we’ll be saving ourselves time and money. Like the sound of that? Then just keep on reading!
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Stripping an Old Finish

As messy as it is, sometimes stripping off an old, unwanted finish is unavoidable, especially if we want to appreciate the beauty of the grain hidden beneath a layer of paint or dark tinted varnish. When I found this Arts and Crafts style armchair, it had a heavy coat of a 1960s “antiquing kit” all over it. If you would like to see how I tackled this stripping job, just read on.
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