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Creating a Contemporary Finish

When it comes to furniture, I’m a traditionalist. Give me any shade of brown and I’m happy. But I recognize that not everyone feels the same, including Alex, my office assistant, who prefers to mix traditional with contemporary. So, when she asked for help turning a piece of unfinished
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A Tray For All Seasons

There’s nothing like dropping by your favorite craft store to refresh your home with ideas for the holidays. And there’s no better way to start than with a colorful centerpiece for your dining room table or buffet. When I spotted this unfinished tray I knew just what I wanted to do — and how I could use it for several holiday events rather than just one. Interested? Just keep on reading ….
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Tips For Aerosol Spraying

Years ago, when I owned a woodworking and refinishing shop, we used professional spray equipment. Now that I’m working in my garage, it’s back to basics: brushes and rags. But sometimes I also enjoy the convenience of aerosol cans. Along the way I picked up several tips for using aerosol finishes, so if you’d like to add them to what you already know, just take a look here.

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