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A Clock From Pallet Scraps

1. Start

Using a few scrap pallet boards in my garage workshop, I decided to make a simple clock. I cut three the same length, added some trim around the edges, and drilled a small hole in the center.

2. backHere’s what the back looks like after I inserted an inexpensive, battery-operated clock,
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A Simple Green Centerpiece

1. Boards

With everything outdoors turning green, I decided I would find a way to bring some of that wonderful green indoors. I started by going into my workshop and pulling two oak boards off my shelf.

2. Stain

Making a simple box to sit on our dining room table was easy, as was staining it Minwax®
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Create a Special Clock for Any Young Athlete

1. Raw

When I spotted this unfinished panel and frame in my local craft store, I had an idea for combining them into a clock. I started by drilling a small hole in the center of the panel for the clock shaft, then gave the wood a light sanding.

2. GrayFor me, two separate pieces means two different
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