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A Winning Nightstand

At the recent SNAP! bloggers conference in Salt Lake City, Minwax® asked me to stain and finish this nightstand in our booth so that we could give it away to one of the lucky attendees.

Working on a narrow table in a crowded booth was a bit of a challenge, but everyone seemed to
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Revisiting an Old Project

Back in 1974, when treadle sewing machine bases were popular, a friend and I made a cherry chopping block to go atop a base I found at a yard sale for a few dollars. Fast forward more than 40 years and I still have it, but it had really taken a beating — literally. So, last week
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Helping Out a Friend with a Worn-out Kitchen Counter

I was at a friend’s house recently when I spotted his badly worn kitchen counter, which he claimed he was going to refinish — someday. When his wife rolled her eyes (as if to say, “Yeh, but in whose lifetime?”), I knew I could provide a little relief to the situation.

A close inspection
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From Wine Rack To A Wine Serving Table

I picked up this inexpensive tile-top wine rack recently, with a couple of ideas of how I could turn it into something very special with just a few simple modifications.

I had the option of either buying an unfinished wooden top from a home improvement store, or gluing together and
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