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Bruce’s Recipes For Holiday Disasters

Okay, so it’s been a stressful few weeks for everyone (including Daisy), what with family and friends coming and going, guests staying overnight, furniture getting moved around, pets becoming over-anxious, and our homes generally getting pushed to — and sometimes over — the limit.
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Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

Leigh Ann and I had family and friends over for Thanksgiving. It was fun, but now we’re getting ready for the next round, and we need to clean up our act. Cooking oils, grease, and dust add up to some dirty kitchen cabinets. The good news is that as bad as they may look, you can improve the appearance of your cabinets very easily — and just in the nick of time. If you’re interested, read on!
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Saving a Victorian Plant Stand: Part II

As I hope you saw in my earlier blog, I found this 1890s walnut Victorian plant stand at a local flea market priced at just $30. After cleaning off the dirt and re-gluing one loose leg, I am now ready to touch up the scratches and give the old finish some badly needed protection. If this looks like a project you might want to undertake, you can read more about what I am going to do right here.
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