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Change the Knobs, Not the Cabinets!

When I saw this set of maple kitchen cabinets I was just as impressed with the contrast between the porcelain knobs and the wood as I was with the wood itself — and that’s saying a lot for me! The owner explained that the cabinets first had wooden knobs, but they got visually lost
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When A Treat Becomes a Trick

In case you’re thinking about — or already have — created a Halloween centerpiece using a real pumpkin, beware! Pumpkins are a natural fruit which means they continue to ripen (and rotten) as soon as you bring one home. And if you don’t take some precautions, your table could end
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Our Johnson Family Reunion

Each summer my family, now scattered across the country, converges on a small town in Illinois for our annual family reunion. We hold it in conjunction with a local fair and rodeo. There we enjoy three days of small town life, complete with a parade, a horse show, bull riding, clowns,
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