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Tips for Restoring & Protecting Furniture

No matter how careful we are, it always seems to happen:  a nick or a scratch suddenly appears on our furniture. We don’t have time for a complete refinishing, and getting out a can of stain just for a touch-up is inconvenient, so what’s a quick and easy solution?

This is when Minwax®
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Reviving an Antique Wardrobe

It isn’t often that a truck pulls into your driveway with an antique walnut wardrobe strapped to its back, so this certainly got my attention. My assistant Alex is moving, so she “rescued” it from her parents’ house (hoping they won’t want it back when she’s done restoring it). Want to see how she did? Just keep on reading!
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Make Your Own Touch-Up Kit

It never seems to fail. Turn the page on the calendar and there they are: the holidays. Parties, relatives, friends, guests. And not enough time to take on a major refinishing project. What to do? Pull together a simple, easy Touch-Up Kit, then just walk around your house and take care of all those little problems before anyone arrives. Want to see how? Just keep on reading.
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Change the Hardware, Not Your Cabinets

Having survived more than one kitchen remodeling, I know how expensive cabinets have become. I also know that cabinet woods, such as oak, maple, hickory, and cherry, are less apt to go out of style than the hardware on their doors and drawers. Before you decide that your cabinets are “out-dated,” take a look at how you might only need to upgrade the hardware — and save yourself thousands of dollars!

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