Monthly Archives: January 2015

New House, Old Doors

Just because a house or an addition may be new doesn’t mean it has to look new, especially if “new” also means “no character!” This homeowner went to an architectural salvage yard and found several old pine doors with a fantastic, mellow patina — and their original brass-plated hardware.
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Making a New Goose Look Old

In my office I collect goose decoys — old, new, and in between —  and fell in love with the pose of this brand new, machine-molded, synthetic material goose. Rather than wait a hundred years for her to acquire some signs of age, I decided to carefully do a little distressing . .
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How Old Is It?

We’re looking at a hundred year old floor, right? Well, not quite. This is a floor I laid just fourteen years ago using recycled Southern yellow pine boards nailed down with new square-headed nails. Rather than hide the nails, I let them show to help give the impression of a floor
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Practicing For Haven

In this post, I will be demonstrating how to stencil. I started by sealing the wood with two coats of Minwax® Polycrylic Protective Finish to prevent the stain from seeping beneath the outline of my stencil.

Since my stencil is very large, I sprayed a light coat of aerosol adhesive
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