Monthly Archives: February 2015

Cutting Large Circles

Drawing a large circle on your wood for a circular table top can be a challenge, so try this. Use a push pin to anchor one end of a piece of lightweight cord in the center of the board, then tie a loop equal to the radius of your circle. I wanted a 20″ circle, so I made my radius
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From Wine Rack To A Wine Serving Table

I picked up this inexpensive tile-top wine rack recently, with a couple of ideas of how I could turn it into something very special with just a few simple modifications.

I had the option of either buying an unfinished wooden top from a home improvement store, or gluing together and
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Quick Upholstery Tip

If you’re a DIYer, sooner or later you’re going to be working on a piece of furniture — a chair, footstool, or settee — that needs to have a new piece of fabric stretched over it. If you don’t have the old piece to serve as a pattern, rather than risk mis-cutting your fabric, try
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Disguising Plywood Edging

In a recent posting I utilized plywood for a gift I was making. Plywood is often lighter, less prone to warping, and less expensive than regular lumber, but it has one serious drawback: the unsightly end grain. The glued-together layers of wood give plywood its strength, but do not
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