Monthly Archives: November 2014

Tips For the Holidays

The holidays are definitely upon us, but we still have time to get our house ready for family and friends, making sure that when they leave, our house still looks as good as when they arrived. And speaking of arriving, this worn doormat may say “Welcome,” but it certainly doesn’t
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Change the Knobs, Not the Cabinets!

When I saw this set of maple kitchen cabinets I was just as impressed with the contrast between the porcelain knobs and the wood as I was with the wood itself — and that’s saying a lot for me! The owner explained that the cabinets first had wooden knobs, but they got visually lost
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Making New Wood Look Old

I have always collected antiques, even having stuffed a large oak rocking chair in my tiny dorm room in college. But antiques today don’t fit every budget or every house, including those with active children and pets with claws! So here are a few tips for making a new, inexpensive
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