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Classic Design, New Chair

I love antiques, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pass up a bargain on a recent reproduction, like this slightly-used oak Arts and Crafts Morris chair Leigh Ann and I spotted at a local thrift shop. The finish was slightly worn, but I knew how to handle that problem.

First we put it
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Those Nasty Door Dings

The doors in our home really do take a daily beating:  moving furniture in and out, kicking them open with our foot as we balance four grocery bags, and grinding the edges with dog leashes. Before long we have an assortment of nicks in what had once been a beautiful finished door.
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Candlewax Repair

Not long ago I found a fine Arts and Crafts settee with one problem:  a spot of dried candlewax on the arm. Not wanting to damage the finish with sandpaper, I first carefully scraped away the red wax using a single-edged razor blade . . .

I then used a felt-tipped Minwax® Wood Finish™
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Tips For the Holidays

The holidays are definitely upon us, but we still have time to get our house ready for family and friends, making sure that when they leave, our house still looks as good as when they arrived. And speaking of arriving, this worn doormat may say “Welcome,” but it certainly doesn’t
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