Monthly Archives: January 2014

Making a Driftwood Sculpture

Leigh Ann and I slipped away for a few days to celebrate a “milestone” birthday along the Carolina coastline, which we nearly had to ourselves. While Leigh Ann picked up seashells, I scoured the beach for a unique piece of driftwood to bring back as a souvenir of our vacation. But then, a few days later, I posed the same question you might have asked — “What can I do with it now?” One possibility:  make an artistic sculpture out of it. Take a look!
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A Fish Tale

The biggest fish I ever caught was on Lake Ebay, and he cost me less than a fishing license! Of course, he came with about sixty years of dust and a layer of dirt on the mahogany board . . . .

So I turned to Minwax Wood Cabinet Cleaner to remove the dirt, using a foam brush to clean
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One Step At a Time?

Now that our kitchen remodeling project is almost complete, Leigh Ann pointed out that the parade of workmen had taken a toll on the top step of our stairway. One key board had lost most of its finish, and had picked up some scratches in the process. We could see a quick touch-up wouldn’t be enough, so we embarked on a mini-refinishing project — together. Dangerous idea? Take a look…..
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Bruce’s Recipes For Holiday Disasters

Okay, so it’s been a stressful few weeks for everyone (including Daisy), what with family and friends coming and going, guests staying overnight, furniture getting moved around, pets becoming over-anxious, and our homes generally getting pushed to — and sometimes over — the limit.
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