Monthly Archives: June 2015

Taking a Challenge

I love a challenge, such as what could I make from this small pile of antique, salvaged pieces of oak?

My wife Leigh Ann reminded me that we needed a small Arts and Crafts end table, so I started by cutting out four legs, and the stretchers between the legs, plus gluing pieces for
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A Small Storage Box

Not every project has to be a big project. Last week I needed a small storage box that had to be a specific size to fit my available space. Rather than spend hours searching stores for a plastic bin, I quickly cut some half-inch birch plywood I had on hand and nailed together this
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Classic Design, New Chair

I love antiques, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pass up a bargain on a recent reproduction, like this slightly-used oak Arts and Crafts Morris chair Leigh Ann and I spotted at a local thrift shop. The finish was slightly worn, but I knew how to handle that problem.

First we put it
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Re-purposing an Antique Mailbox

When my son Eric showed an interest in an old post office mailbox we spotted in a Salt Lake City antiques shop, I remembered that I had an old mailbox door stuck away in my workshop. With his birthday just days away, I quickly went to work on it.

Using just one oak board, I cut
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