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Trading Saws

Anyone who thinks that country living is carefree and easy never had to deal with the aftermath of a midnight windstorm. So, this afternoon my table saw sits quietly in my workshop while I switch to my chain saw for a good workout! But nothing will go to waste. What little wood won’t be split and stored for this winter’s fires will go into our wildlife habitat brush piles in the back pasture, sure to keep the little critters dry and warm as well.

Having Fun With False Graining

When I mentioned to Alex here in my office that I showed the attendees at the SNAP! bloggers conference how to do “false graining,” she gave me the same look the day I asked her to get me a sheet of carbon paper, asking “What’s that?”  In case you’ve never seen this old technique, I’ll show you what I demonstrated for Alex.
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Graduation Weekend !

Leigh Ann and I have just returned from six of the most beautiful days Washington will see all year where we celebrated, quite literally, our son’s graduation from Georgetown with a Bachelor of Science degree in Global Health. Next stop:  a Masters at Harvard; then either medical school, law school, a PhD, — or maybe even a job!!!  (radical idea!). But no complaints from a very proud father.

Birds of a feather…

Leigh Ann and I have always been collectors, and right now we enjoy looking for inexpensive hand-carved shore birds at flea markets. She found this hand-made ibis, carved from a piece of driftwood in a junk shop for just five dollars. As you can see, it was very dry and in danger of cracking, but I knew just what it needed.

A quick coat of Minwax® Wipe-On Poly restored the missing oils and will protect the wood while still keeping him looking very natural. As soon as he dries, I’ll move him inside to join the rest of the flock.

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