Monthly Archives: June 2014

Not Every Project Has To Be a Big Project !

“We need new steak knives,” Leigh Ann announced to me last week. I couldn’t recall having any problem with them the last time I cooked steaks on the grill, so had to ask why. “Because they look terrible,” is what she said. And I had to agree, as the finish had started to wear away unevenly. Loving a fresh challenge (and an easy one), I decided to refinish the rosewood handles. Read on and learn how I conquered this challenge and see if this could help you, too.
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A Patriotic Flag From a Pallet

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, this variation on an American flag rose from a wood pallet, now in pieces on the ground. I made it this week for a television segment that will be airing live on Wednesday morning, July 2 on the FOX 5 – DC network (Baltimore-Washington area).
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Shopping For Good Wood

If you are ever about to embark on a serious woodworking project, don’t limit yourself to what little high quality wood you typically find at one of the Big Box home improvement stores. When I was pulling together boards for my talk “My Five Favorite Woods — and How To Finish Them,”
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