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Lazy Susan: An Easy 3-Piece Project

Tools Needed:

  • Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths
  • Lazy Susan mechanism
  • Round pine top
  • Scrap wood for a base
  • Awl
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Gloves (to protect hands from the wood stain)

DIY Lazy Susan Materials

How about an easy project that makes a great house-warming or birthday gift? You can pick up an inexpensive, pre-glued, pre-cut round pine top and a roller-bearing Lazy Susan mechanism at your local home improvement or craft center, then add to that a piece of scrap wood for the base.

1. Attach the Lazy Susan mechanism to a wood base

Attach Roller-Bearing Mechanism to Wood Base

The first step is to screw the mechanism to your base. The pine is soft enough to use an awl (visable in rear) to make a starter hole for your screws.

2. Attach the mechanism to the pine top

Attach Roller-Bearing Mechanism to Pre-Cut Round Pine Top

You then flip the top over and do the same, attaching the top side of the two-piece mechanism to the underside of the wood top.

3. Apply stain to the wood

Applying Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths to Pine Top

And what could be better for an easy project than an easy combination stain-and-finish — one that comes in a resealable bag, and that you apply with pre-moistened cloths rather than a brush? Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths are water-based, so they dry quickly and have no odor, making them perfect for small indoor projects.

Finished DIY Lazy SusanAnd literally in just minutes you can make a handy Lazy Susan, either for your dining room table — or to have ready for the next time you need a gift for a friend or relative.

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Modern Wood Silhouettes: An Evergreen Trend

By: Minwax

Jen of City Farmhouse enjoys creating home decor that tells a story of her personal style. Follow along with her latest project!

This post is sponsored by Minwax®.

Hi there friends! I am about to hit a blogging milestone in March, 6 years!!! The design lesson that resonates most through this time is, beware of trends. With that being said I have seen a lot of trends come & go and many I was happy to see hit the road. There have been a few though, that stood the test of time, which is refreshing, we call these “evergreen” trends. One in particular that I loved from the very beginning is silhouettes and I am happy to say I still do. We have seen these traditional favorites done many ways through the years, so I thought why not update mine and give them a modern perspective using wood.

Creating Modern Wood Silhouettes is so simple and fun. This is a project that should only take an hour or 2, if you have all the prep work done. I partnered with Minwax® on this project to highlight the beauty & versatility of the wood.

What you will need:

Silhouette template from cardstock-DIY tutorial.

11″ x 14″ wood boxes.

Birch chip board.

Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain in White Wash Pickling.

Minwax® Express Color™ in Onyx.


2-synthetic brush (for water based stain).


Drop cloth.

Spray adhesive.

If you remember I tackled DIY Silhouettes early on in my blogging career, not my best photography but that’s why practice always makes you better:). This post will give you the low down on how to create the side profile template. FYI, I did alter the chest area to give it more of a dramatic look this time around.

Ok, so you have your templates made from cardstock. These are mine from my original post, I just pulled them off to start fresh. You can do your children, grandchildren or even pets.

These are the 11″ x 14″ wood boxes I bought at the craft store. A little tip, I bought these on sale 3 pc for $10, if they aren’t on sale use a coupon.

Next, trace your template onto your chipboard and cut it out carfeully. You can find this material at your craft store as well. Definitely use a coupon for this, it’s pricey!

Take your synthetic brush and layer your boards with Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain in White Wash Pickling. Be sure not to over saturate your brush and go with the grain. I did 2 coats, I wanted the contrast to be bold.

Next take your tube of Minwax® Express Color ® in Onyx and stain the silhouettes. I also did 2 coats on these.

Once it is dry, you can adhere the wood silhouette to the wood frame. Spray adhesive to the back & press firmly to insure it sets.

Finished, it’s super simple.

I change out my art ALL the time so this was a fun switch-a-roo for my den. Honestly, my boys are growing up so fast that this is a sweet reminder of them at this age.

This project was a lot of fun and it has me thinking of some other pieces I could create with chip board and these wood frames. Keep in mind Minwax has a variety of colors for your next project. Always remember to tag me if you share your DIY’s on social media:)!

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