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Making Those Missing Shelves

You may recall that I recently transformed a discarded 1990s microwave cart into this rolling serving center. However, each time I looked at the inside of the doors all I could see was the opportunity to add a pair of shelves to them.

So, I picked up some half-inch thick oak boards from my local home improvement center, then cut them to fit the inside of each door.

These thin boards were easy to glue and nail together, but I was left with some unsightly nail holes. To fill them, I squeezed in a small amount of Minwax® Stainable Wood Filler, which I sanded smooth as soon as it dried.

To match the rest of the serving center, I left the oak boards natural, but sealed and protected them using Minwax® Clear Aerosol Lacquer.

The lacquer dried quickly and it was easy to attach my shelves to the inside of the doors with small L-brackets positioned under each of the two shelves. Now when I open the doors, I no longer see a missed opportunity!

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Doing Good With Wood

I was in Buffalo this past week, taking part in the presentation of the Minwax® Do Good With Wood™ Award to The Western New York Woodturners. This group of woodworkers makes toys to benefit their chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After the presentation I got to spend nearly two hours with them demonstrating staining and finishing techniques and products….

And they were a great group to be around. We met in a high school industrial arts room (very fitting) and they peppered me with questions about different kinds of finishes, brushes, and, of course, stains. We had fun and the two hours flew by so fast none of us were ready to leave at the end!

And if you would like to nominate a group for this award, just go to for details.