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Get Organized with This Cherry Bookstand

Several years ago I made a simple cherry book rack for a television series I was shooting for the DIY network. This was one that I never finished, but had stowed away in a storage tub. I decided it was certainly worth finishing and giving to my son Blake, who is still in school.
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Create a Table from Vintage Crates

Anytime I see a stack of old shipping crates, or even just one, my mind starts thinking about possible ways to re-purpose them while still maintaining their vintage look.

I typically start by making sure the nails are snug, the metal won’t snag anything, and the wood and lettering
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Keep Track of Time with This Rustic Clock

I was breezing through my local craft store the other day when I spotted the parts for a project I have always wanted to make: a battery-powered wall clock made from a smooth slab of a tree trunk. Both were on sale, so, of course, I couldn’t resist.

To begin, I flipped it over and
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Coasters to Match Your Style Using Scraps

Not every reclaimed pallet wood project has to be a giant one, as I discovered when I was looking for ways to use up some some scrap pieces. After cutting them into 1.5-inch wide strips, I began playing around with different designs, gluing and tacking the strips to plywood squares
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