Monthly Archives: March 2015

Candlewax Repair

Not long ago I found a fine Arts and Crafts settee with one problem:  a spot of dried candlewax on the arm. Not wanting to damage the finish with sandpaper, I first carefully scraped away the red wax using a single-edged razor blade . . .

I then used a felt-tipped Minwax® Wood Finish™
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Small Project = Small Clamp

Sometimes large pipe clamps are just too big for a small gluing project. I was making a picture frame in my garage and found these small spring clamps, which are perfect for gluing strips of wood around the outside of my frame. Notice how the rubber tips protect the wood from the
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Repurposing an Antique Crock

I love old crocks, like this 12-gallon stoneware crock given to me by my grandmother. It had lost its original top, so I decide to make one from some old wood that would turn an empty crock into, well, take a look and see for yourself . . . .

After gluing together some old boards
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