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Get Organized with This Cherry Bookstand

Several years ago I made a simple cherry book rack for a television series I was shooting for the DIY network. This was one that I never finished, but had stowed away in a storage tub. I decided it was certainly worth finishing and giving to my son Blake, who is still in school.
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Is it Old — Or a Reproduction?

I was in a hotel lobby recently when I heard two ladies exclaiming how much they loved this antique sideboard. I looked around and saw three more identical sideboards, which confirmed my suspicion:  this was a reproduction. But what made it look old?

First, fake wormholes. You can
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Wax Prevents Rust!

While we generally think of applying a quality paste wax over wood — such as a stained piece of furniture or even one finished with a chalk paint — wax can also be applied over metal, such as this iron band on the inside of my Arts and Crafts antique wastebasket. As you can see,
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